LUXUS Multimedia Controller

The LUXUS multimedia controller is the most advanced video unit from MacArtney. It is easy to operate and ideal for those who need to digitally record video data with a flexible video overlay function.

Most parameters are preset to make the system easy to use. The unit runs a total of 4 cameras, of which 2 can be viewed and recorded and 2 are view only. The unit also operates 2 lights and can control communications between divers. Finally, the LUXUS multimedia controller can control a Mesotech MS 1000 sonar system.

The solid state, PC based video unit is robust and user-friendly. The unit is splash proof and illuminates in poor light conditions. The video can be overlaid with company logo, date, time and project name. As an option, the LUXUS multimedia controller can be delivered with up to 4 NMEA0183 interfaces, to display position and depth data.

Features and benefits

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Dynamic overview
  • Simultaneous recording and playing
  • Still picture function while recording
  • Solid state internal storage for high data reliability


  • Video inspection (2 divers)
  • Sewer/pipeline inspection
  • Surveillance


  • NMEA input position, depth etc.
  • 3rd and 4th camera input (view only)
  • LUXUS pistol grip bracket
  • Scanning sonar
  • Extra USB connections
  • Diver radio communication
  • Extra external hard disk
  • Ethernet connection