Working with MacArtney
At MacArtney, making a difference is a mutual policy. All employees work together to continue to make MacArtney a stronger and better workplace. Working as a team builds on mutual trust and respect and we firmly believe that we work best in a good working climate that is based on enthusiasm, openness and responsibility.

It is everybody’s individual responsibility to get the most out of their work and the best processes are often a result of open discussion and the sharing of ideas. Openness is an important part of working for MacArtney and ideas for improvements to all policy – including within human resources – are welcome.

We aim to employ excellent colleagues, who:

  • Have the best skills and competences within their field
  • Want to contribute to making a difference
  • Uphold MacArtney values both externally towards our customers and internally within the MacArtney team
  • Are willing to grow and develop to keep pace with changes in the market and the workplace
  • Are willing to contribute to continuous growth
  • Can maintain the expected MacArtney standards for quality, reliability, intelligent solutions, service and timely delivery