SubConn Ethernet Metal Shell 2000 - 8 contacts



With male inline connector - snap ring in outer groove

With female inline connector - snap ring inner groove


Drawing information

Dimensions in mm (1 mm = 0.03937 inch)
Threads in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm)


Connector specifications

Voltage rating: 250 V AC rms
DC rating: 85% of above AC rating
Data rate: 1 Gbit/s (up to 75 m)
Insulation resistance: > 200 Mohm
Contact resistance: < 0.01 ohm
Wet matings: > 500
Temperature rating (water): - 4 to 60˚C, 25 to 140˚F
Temperature rating (air): - 40 to 60˚C, - 40 to 140˚F
Storage temperature rating: - 40 to 60˚C, - 40 to 140˚F
Depth rating: 600 bar, 8,700 psi


Material specifications

Connector body: Chloroprene rubber
Connector housing: Stainless steel AISI 316 (other materials on request)
Contacts: Female sockets in gold plated brass UNS - C36000, male pins in gold plated beryllium copper
O-rings: Nitrile
Locking sleeves: POM
Snap rings: Stainless steel AISI 302
Inline cable (100 cm, 3.3 ft): 4 pair 24 AWG, 0.20 mm2 PUR
Bulkhead leads (100 cm, 3.3 ft): CAT 5E patch cable incl. RJ 45 connector (not installed)


Face view (male)



Inline cable colour code

*1-2: Brown, Brown/white
*3-4: Blue, Blue/white
*5-6: Orange, Orange/white 
*7-8: Green, Green/white 

* Twisted pairs



3D files 

Please note that our 3D files are not 100 p.c. dimensionally stable due to the fact that a SubConn® connector is mainly made from rubber which changes tolerances during curing.

If a 3D file is needed for tolerance issues, please contact MacArtney for more information.

Step files

X_B files