Ethernet Flying Lead

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Qualified 100m Subsea Ethernet jumpers designed for data transmission and real-time situational awareness and monitoring. The typical Ethernet harness system consists of wet-mateable, Nautilus connectors, Nautilus penetrators, and pressure balanced, oil-filled (PBOF) hose conduits. Internally, the Ethernet signals are transmitted over custom Ethernet cabling sealed to seawater ingress by two independent barriers. Seven and 12-way configurations are available. Subsea connection of the harnesses may be accomplished by ROV, Diver-Mate or Stab-Plate applications. For Ethernet needs above 100 meters, see Extended Ethernet Flying Leads.

Key features

  • Ethernet Jumpers up to 100m in length
  • Single or Dual channel redundant Ethernet
  • 7- or 12- way
  • Qualified 100BASE-T performance up to 100 Meters.
  • Patented custom Ethernet cable for use in Pressure Balanced Oil-Filled Hose (PBOF)
  • 30 year life