MacArtney A/S Headquarters


MacArtney A/S Headquarters
Gl. Guldagervej 48 (Goods in/out - Bytoften 10)
DK-6710 Esbjerg V
(CVR No. 84 16 48 28)
Phone: +45 7613 2000


MacArtney warehouse expansion details


Additional Warehouse facilities

Starting from May 13, our warehouse will expand to include a neighbouring building.

The expansion involves dividing in- and outbound deliveries as follows:

  • Regular goods will be handled at
    • Bytoften 10, 6710 Esbjerg V
  • Heavy deliveries and cables will be handled at
    • Bytoften 3, 6710 Esbjerg V


The MacArtney Group is a worldwide organisation of operations specialising in the sale and service of underwater technology products and systems. The group headquarters in Esbjerg, Denmark, established in 1978, support independent operations in the USA including Canada and South America, the Asia Pacific including China and Australia, the UK, Norway, France, Germany, Benelux and Italy.

Each operation meets the local requirements of the region with full support from the Danish-based parent company, MacArtney A/S.

MacArtney A/S co-ordinates product development, system integration, training, quality assurance, financial support and marketing for all operations.

Underwater technology covers a highly diverse market including offshore oil and gas geophysical exploration, development and production, various military activities including MCM, civil engineering, underwater security, ocean sciences, environmental studies and research, nuclear plant inspection and leisure activities.

Company policy is to deliver tried and tested technical solutions to the problems encountered in this harsh working environment. An established and certified ISO 9001: 2015 quality assurance programme, established in 1993, regulates MacArtney.

The product and service base is extensive and falls into a number of main categories e.g. cable moulding and encapsulation workshop, electrical and optical connectors, cables and terminations, winch and handling systems, electrical and optical slip rings, cameras and lights, sonar systems and acoustics, multiplexer and control systems, engineering and services, ROV and ROTV systems, and rental equipment.

In-house engineering and technical expertise to support the product range maintained through education and hands-on training include hydrodynamics, mechanics, acoustics, pressure vessel design, cable and termination engineering, fibre optics, hydraulics, electronics, telemetry and software. A fully trained service team is available, at short notice, for in-house or on-site training, repairs and system integration.

Extensive in-house services include dynamic cable tension cycling and pull tests, full ocean depth pressure testing, water tank trials, fibre optic and electronic workshops, slip ring servicing and retrofitting and component stocking. External services are readily available for sea trials, flume tank tests, environmental testing and corrosion monitoring.

The company has shown a sustainable growth and financial stability over the last 40 years, currently rated AAA by the global business services company, Dun and Bradstreet.

The MacArtney Group employs over 400 qualified people worldwide.

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