ASH Group


ASH Group
Delmon Building
4380 Prince Sultan Road
Qurtoba, 6800 31452
Al Khobar 34235
Dammam 34235 6402
Saudi Arabia

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Headquartered in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia since 2006. ASH currently has regional offices in Kuwait, Egypt, and several satellite offices across KSA & GCC, all dedicated to providing the highest possible customer service.

ASH’s objective is to always think outside the box by exploring and introducing the latest innovations and cutting edge technologies within our preferred sectors. Our capital of specialized technical expertise and professionals from over 10 countries, allow us to operate a truly multicultural business, which strives to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

ASH has forged strong technical and commercial partnerships with renowned companies around the world, allowing it to provide its customers with world-class solutions. These established relationships are currently being utilized by the majority of the key clients across the region, including both the private and public sectors.