MacArtney UK Ltd


MacArtney UK Ltd
Howe Moss Avenue
Kirkhill Industrial Estate
AB21 0GP
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1224 358500


Aberdeen has been the home of MacArtney UK operations since 1999 and is currently the largest group operation outside Denmark. Housed in a new custom-built facility of 3000 m2 close to Aberdeen Airport, MacArtney UK Ltd currently employs 60 people in a variety of sales, workshop, admin, HR and QHSE roles.

We offer a wide range of design, engineering and project management resources backed by the global MacArtney Group. We can design and deliver complex system solutions for applications in all marine market sectors. Projects combine our expertise in winches, cables, slip rings, terminations, fibre optics, design and construction.

Our hydrostatic pressure test facility is capable of simulating pressures experienced at 6000 m underwater (600 bar). The system is software controlled for greater flexibility when setting up pressure profiles. This facility is available for daily or hourly rental. 

Our large 1000 m2 warehouse area provides enough space to store cables, connectors and the equipment needed to support our workshops - and provide ample space to perform other service and repair tasks. The warehouse is equipped with a 7.5-ton forklift and has a 2-ton mobile gantry crane.

The largest workshop in the MacArtney UK operation is the cable assembly workshop that employs a large number of full-time technicians. Our encapsulation team utilises the latest computer-controlled Polyurethane mixing machines to produce high-quality connector and cable assemblies for all types of underwater uses. Extensive stocks of cable and connectors help ensure prompt delivery.

MacArtney UK also has a team of experienced and knowledgeable sales and sales administration staff who are on hand to assist with all enquiries. The UK operation handles the sale of all MacArtney Group products, systems and services in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you require any further information on any aspect of the MacArtney UK operation, please feel free to contact us.