MacArtney Germany GmbH


MacArtney Germany GmbH
Wischhofstrasse 1-3
Geb. 11
D-24148 Kiel

Phone: +49 431 535 500 70

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As of March 6, 2018, MBT/Meerestechniches Büro Turla GmbH has changed name into MacArtney Germany GmbH. Established in 2000, MBT GmbH was a joint venture between Meerestechnisches Büro Turla and the MacArtney Group.

MacArtney Germany represents a developing commitment to fully support the challenging underwater technology markets in Germany. Operating sales and consultancy offices for marine and underwater technology based in Kiel and Bremen, MacArtney Germany focuses on sales and service of oceanographis, geophysical and hydrographic measuring instruments and systems.

We enjoy unlimited access to engineering and advanced test facilities at the Danish headquarters of the MacArtney Group. A full range of MacArtney products, including cables, connectors, winches, slip rings, fibre optic telemetry, ROV and ROTV systems, cameras and lights, oceanographic equipment and sensors, are available. The MacArtney Group is the worldwide distributor of the industry standard Subconn® underwater pluggable electrical connector. The unique SubConn contact design is easily employable to special designs for numerous applications. We supply the complete connector range.

As a member of the MacArtney Group, MacArtney Germany benefits from the technical resources available. These include worldwide technical and logistical support, training, a broad range of engineering disciplines, system integration, cable mouldings and terminations, fibre optic and electronic workshops, full ocean depth testing, etc. All supported by a long established DnV ISO 9001 certified quality system.

MacArtney Germany works in close co-operation with leading manufacturers of marine cables. The product line includes ROV lift and tether cables, geophysical airgun umbilicals and streamer lead-ins, bottom lay cables, deep tow cables and custom-engineered dynamic cables.