MERMAC U - Multipurpose underwater winch

The MERMAC U underwater winch system is available with various purpose-built features and options, which makes it ideal for use within e.g. scientific, defence, and homeland security industries.

MERMAC U is based on advanced technology and decades of extensive winch design and manufacturing experience and knowhow. The system is a rugged, leading-edge solution specially designed and fully geared for the challenge.

The underwater winch represents a low-complexity sys-tem. The reason for this is the employment of standard industry components. The winch motors are encapsulated, and in general, winches are manufactured from structural steel as standard.

MERMAC U is designed to operate in harsh underwater marine environments and comes in two sizes: 500 m and 3,200 m cable capacities. The winch can be equipped with steel-armoured and PUR jackets cables.

Being rated for deployment at depths of up to 3,000 m, the underwater winch system comes with an intelligent control system offering flexible routines for measuring and monitoring. It is capable of launching and retrieving an extensive range of underwater sensor packages at programmed intervals and defined depths.

The underwater winch is subject to extended service inspection intervals.


Features and benefits

  • Compact
  • Simple installation
  • Simplicity of making adjustments and maintenance
  • Low complexity
  • Multiple cable layers


  • Climate change studies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Surveillance/survey systems
  • Online calibration of diver detection systems


  • Wide range of materials
  • Battery operation
  • Protective cage
  • Individually protected web access
  • Data package system alerting about malfunctioning or anomaly/inconsistency
  • Skid mount for fixed winch positioning
  • Integration with seabed observatories