Winch and Handling Solutions

MacArtney winch and handling solutions are some of the most advanced and rugged solutions available and have been trusted by customers and operators for decades. Our dedicated focus on improving existing designs and developing new solutions ensures that we always offer high quality and dependable winch and A-frame systems. We specialise in electric winch systems and through the deployment of intelligent technology, we aim to extend windows of operation and provide improved working safety for customers taking on complex challenges under harsh maritime conditions.

MacArtney supplies winches and A-frames for all types of requirements and with more than 500 solutions delivered since 1989, MacArtney systems are continuously involved in the launch and recovery of ROVs, towed systems, corers, ploughs, pumps, diving systems and many other equipment types, under demanding conditions, across the globe.

Standard or custom systems
Most MacArtney systems are based on proven MacArtney MERMAC and CORMAC standard designs. This offers many advantages to customers including reduced delivery time, cost and spare part standardisation. With our extensive standard winch portfolio, MacArtney addresses the requirements of ROV operators, installation vessels, offshore platforms, survey companies, ocean science institutes, OEMs and defence contractors alike. While standard winch and handling systems are suitable for most applications, certain jobs always call for customised or tailor made systems.

Made in Denmark
All MacArtney systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Denmark and MacArtney holds the capacity to control the entire value chain - from draft to delivery.

In addition, MacArtney solutions are backed by a worldwide network of MacArtney operations providing local access to global support. Our total solution packages include integrated cable systems, slip rings, sheaves, commissioning, training and spares - along with full global service and support. 

MERMAC R - Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) winch series

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) winch series
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MERMAC S - Multi purpose winch series

Multi purpose winch series
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MERMAC A - Dynamic and versatile LARS solutions

Advanced marine LARS for safe and efficient equipment and vehicle handling
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MERMAC D - Docking head solutions

Docking head solutions
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CORMAC Q - Stainless steel winch series

Rugged and flexible stainless steel winch and cable handling systems
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CORMAC M - Modular stainless steel winch serie

Modular stainless steel winch serie
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CORMAC B - Basic winches with manual or electric drive

Basic winches with manual or electric drive
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Custom winch and handling solutions - Special engineering and design

Special engineering and design
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Cable Status Indicator MKII

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3D files

Winch and handling systems
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