Waterways mapping solution

civil engineering data acquisition multi beam hydrography

MacArtney provides newly built catamaran survey vessel "Spreegrund" with state-of- the-art equipment for the purpose of charting waterways in the rivers, canals and lakes in the Berlin region in Germany.

Effective transport systems are indispensable to the economic development, employment, and prosperity of a region. Freight transport via the waterways is environmentally friendly, safe, energy-saving, and cost-effective. At the same time, the waterways allow extensive leisure and recreational use, offer habitat for rare plants and animals, and ensure flood water removal and energy production.

The catamaran built by the German shipyard “Schiffswerft Barthel” and being the property of WSA Berlin, German waterway authority, serves as a survey vessel on the lakes, adjacent canals, and rivers of Berlin, Brandenburg, Eberswalde, and Lauenburg carrying out complete surveys at speeds of up to 6 knots and water depths down to 20 meters.

Scope of Supply
The leading-edge equipment applied consists of the onboard MacArtney control systems and software working to ensure optimal data acquisition from the survey sensor suite and is capable of handling the enormous data stream of up to 25,000 soundings per second.

The scope of supply for “Spreegrund” features the first Teledyne RESON T20-P TripleHead multibeam echo sounder providing an excellent swath even in the often very shallow water environments in rivers and canals. This feature enables the customer to survey large areas in a short time. Other sensors include a Teledyne ODOM CV 100 single beam echo sounder, Teledyne RDI Navigator DVL and a Valeport SWiFT as well as a Valeport Ultra SV sound velocity sensor. Besides this a SBG Apogee-E inertial navigation system has been supplied together with two ObeLx-R GNSS heading receivers (Septentrio boards inside) which allows for obtaining good position data even under poor GNSS environments, e.g. under bridges. The ObeLx-R receivers, manufactured by MBT, MacArtney Germany, and the DVL are connected to the inertial navigation system to get stable position data. The data acquisition software QINSy stores and visualises all information.

The SAT was successfully carried out to our customer’s great satisfaction, states Torsten Turla, Managing Director of MBT, MacArtney Germany. Supplying this high-tech equipment is the result of an excellent teamwork between our hydrographic department and the shipyard Barthel.


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