MacArtney Puts First All-Electric eLARS into Production

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a-frame lars MERMAC rov manufacturer

Manufacturing has now begun and the first eLARS® system, expected to come out of production in summer 2020, is well underway.

In line with customer demands, to meet the green agenda for more eco-friendly products, the all-electric eLARS®, developed in collaboration with MacArtney customers, features a number of eco-friendly benefits. Zero pressurised oil over water significantly reduces the risk of oil spillage, and energy efficiency is improved by more than 30% compared to hydraulic systems.

The new eLARS® provides a low cost of ownership with Plug-and-Play mobilisation, maintenance work reduced by up to 50% and cost-efficient spares with minimum lead times. Designed with a high degree of integrity, the actuation of the system is based on tried and tested MacArtney technology with built-in system redundancy and an emergency recovery mode.

MacArtney A/S Product Manager, Klaus Brix, comments,

"The system is fully equipped with several features designed to improve functionality including docking head feedback, an Emergency Recovery Mode and integrated controls between the winch and MERMAC eA A-frame, all demonstrating a system that can fulfil and surpass our customers’ expectations."

MacArtney strives to be at the forefront of industry advancements, and the eLARS® is a highly versatile and future proof system. The eLARS® provides real-time condition monitoring, automated operations and offers custom options.

A technology solution for tomorrow, the eLARS®, surpasses existing LARS key performance criteria, boasts a compact design to increase workspace on the skid and is fully scalable to support any payload.

The all-electric eLARS® includes the new MERMAC eA scalable A-frame, an a-Frame designed to meet any customer specifications. Winch options with the eLARS® include the MERMAC R ROV winch series, the MERMAC S multipurpose winch series, the MERMAC Q stainless steel winch series and MERMAC M modular stainless steel winch series or custom winch options.

The first eLARS® in production is designed to accommodate a wide range of Inspection and Observation Class ROV’s and is designed around an ISO 20ft High Cube container size for easy transport and installation. SWL (Safe Working Load) is 3500 kg with a cable capacity covering a range from 3500m of Ø17 mm cable to 1250m of Ø31 mm cable.

The first complete, compact eLARS® in production will be tested and undergo sea trials in Summer 2020.



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