MacArtney brings unique dotOcean sediment and soil characterisation systems to North America

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MacArtney continues to expand its business portfolio through a new partnership with dotOcean for North American markets. The agreement consolidates MacArtney’s strong position in key markets and provides customer access to the extensive range of dotOcean sediment and soil measurement products.

Via its subsidiary MacArtney Inc. MacArtney has signed an agency and sales representative agreement with dotOcean covering the North American continent. dotOcean is a Belgian company specialising in sediment and soil measurement systems and instrumentation.

Customer access to cutting-edge products
The products included in this partnership include the GraviProbe, a free-fall impact instrument analysing soil layers during intrusion; the deep sea GraviProbe, which captures high quality geotechnical profiles of mud and soil layers up to 5500 meter water depths; the DensX, an in-situ, direct measurement mud density method using safe X-ray technology and an automated winch; and the iCone, a manual profiler that analyses underwater soil layers in small waterways and rivers.

The partnership has become reality in continuation of the sound partnership already established in Europe. Lars F. Hansen, President of MacArtney Inc., makes the following statement on the North American business initiative: We are pleased to expand the successful European partnership between dotOcean and the MacArtney Group. With our strong presence in North America and our expertise within system integration we are pleased to be able to offer this product line to strong MacArtney markets like oil and gas, defence, ocean science, renewable energy, dredging and civil engineering.

Local service and support
Promotion and sales activities in the North American markets will be handled by the 5 regional MacArtney operations and consist in organising product presentations and in-situ demonstrations to call attention to the state-of-the-art products available with the two business partners who expect a considerable boost to future activities.


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