Launch of intelligent underwater winch from MacArtney

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Forming part of the renowned MERMAC range of electrically driven winch and LARS systems, new MERMAC U from MacArtney is an underwater winch range ideal for use within scientific, naval and homeland security applications.

For decades, MacArtney winch and handling solutions have been trusted by operators within maritime industries due to the fact that the systems embrace some of the most advanced and rugged solutions available. In consequence of several requests from core customers to MacArtney, a number of different prototypes of underwater winches have been delivered thus far. Based on the experiences gained from these projects and an increasing demand for underwater winches, MacArtney is now introducing a range of underwater winches to expand the MERMAC family of electrically driven winches.

MacArtney has integrated several features into this multipurpose, intelligent underwater winch to help ensure that the winch works optimally from the seabed. Consisting of a winch fixed to a platform on the seabed, MERMAC U controls the deployment of oceanographic equipment by raising and lowering a buoy at pre-defined intervals and speeds and to set depths.

The MERMAC U intelligent underwater winch system is available with various purpose-built properties and options, which makes it ideal for use within multiple applications. MERMAC U is rated for deployment at depths of up to 3,000 m and comes with an intelligent control system for launching and retrieving as well as a state-of-the-art data collection system.

Proven technology – excellent performance
Based on high-end technology and decades of extensive winch design, manufacturing experience and knowhow, the MERMAC U is designed to operate in harsh underwater environments and equipped with standard industry components. The winch motors and control electronics as well as the slip ring are all encapsulated and in general the winches are manufactured from structural steel as standard.

MERMAC U is a standard underwater winch and comes in two sizes: 500 m and 3,200 m cable capacities. They can be equipped with steel-armoured and PUR jackets cables.

MacArtney designs, manufactures and supplies complete solutions for handling ROVs, towed systems, corers, ploughs, diving systems and a wide range of other applications for offshore and underwater use. The total range includes integrated dynamic cable systems, slip rings, winches, sheaves, launch and recovery systems and active heave compensation systems.

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group is dedicated to maintaining a strong global presence. With 18 Group operations supplemented by a distributor network of 25 companies spread across the world, MacArtney solutions are always available locally - with full global support.


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