New generation of AHC winch systems

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As the Offshore Oil & Gas industry is developing into exploiting oil and gas occurrences at greater water depths and in harsher climatic environments, the requirements to the technology employed to overcome the challenges of theses environments is increasing. Providers of underwater technology systems and the offshore industry are therefore entering into partnerships in order to respectively specify and develop new technologies to address the increased demands of the market.

The MacArtney Group has for many years been developing and supplying winch systems for the offshore market. Experience from delivering more than 400 winch systems, a dedication to supply smarter solutions and close collaboration with the ROV operator industry, has formed the background for MacArtneys development of a new generation of AHC (Active Heave Compensation) winch systems.

The new MacArtney AHC winch has been well received amongst the ROV operators in the market with a current delivery of 7 systems since the introduction in the autumn 2006 and another 12 systems in the order book. The photo on the front cover shows an AHC winch delivered recently to Oceaneering in Norway.

Oceaneering AS performs a number of activities for the oil industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf using underwater technology: from remote operated underwater operations to drilling and production support, structural and platform inspection as well as maintenance and repairs...


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