MacArtney's GreenLink enhances wave energy testing at world-class marine site

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MacArtney's GreenLink terminations will connect innovative technology at PacWave South. This cutting-edge platform, run by Oregon State University, is for testing and optimising marine energy devices in open-ocean environments, driving the application of wave energy as a reliable power source.

Through PacWave South (PWS), a full-scale test facility featuring four offshore test berths, Oregon State University (OSU) provides the necessary infrastructure for U.S. and international wave energy innovators to feed the electricity grid with alternative power sources. The project received significant investment from the U.S. Department of Energy to support the development of carbon-free wave energy conversion (WEC) technologies. PWS covers an area of 2 square nautical miles and is licensed to support testing up to 20 commercial-scale WECs.

To ensure reliable grid connectivity from each berth to the shore-based facility, OSU and its selected prime marine contractor for the system manufacture, delivery and installation, RT Casey, collaborated with MacArtney to choose the proven GreenLink dry-mate solution. This will terminate the four dedicated PWS subsea power and fibre optic cables and connect client-supplied dynamic cables or umbilicals.

Scope of supply
MacArtney supplies five half GreenLink terminations for the four power transmission cables, including the termination work; four are allocated to the test site and one to mate and test them.

MacArtney technicians will help install and test the GreenLink terminations onsite at cable supplier NEXANS, Norway, a world leader in offshore control and high-voltage submarine cable systems. RT Casey will be overseeing the installation and testing of the GreenLink terminations onto the subsea cable in Norway at the cable factory, transportation of cable and connectors to Oregon, and the safe subsea installation of GreenLink from their cable installation vessel to the sea floor for future system connectivity.

Don Bryan, General Manager at MacArtney Inc., Pacific Northwest Operations, states:

"We have a proven concept and a proven connector for harsh marine conditions already operative in global projects. Our end-to-end approach - from concept to installation - ensures we supply fit-for-purpose solutions based on years of research, development, and field deployment."

Advancing marine energy innovation
MacArtney's GreenLink range is designed for fast and flexible connectivity, making it ideal for the grid-connected PWS facility. The solution efficiently transfers its total potential power output of up to 20 megawatts (MW) from the berths back to the land-based electricity grid.

Furthermore, MacArtney's solution is scalable, making it attractive for both large commercial floating wind parks and small-scale systems. For instance, small islands and similar communities across North America, Alaska, and other regions currently relying on diesel for energy. This aligns with Oregon State University's goal of exploring the feasibility of wave energy as a reliable power source for remote communities. 

Rewarding long-term relationship
MacArtney provided OSU with invaluable technical advice on connectivity solutions during the conceptual design phase of PWS, which started in 2012. Recognising that MacArtney had a proven connector that was well suited for the conditions, RT Casey opted for MacArtney's GreenLink solution for PWS, which includes MacArtney's extensive knowledge and expertise about the renewable energy sector compared to local suppliers who may need more experience in this specialised field.

OSU sought expert advice from several companies during the design phase of PacWave South”, said Dan Hellin, PacWave’s Deputy Director. “MacArtney was consistently one of the most responsive and helpful. We were therefore delighted when our contractor selected MacArtney as the supplier of the dry-mate connectors for the PacWave test site.

The PWS project underlines the power of connecting GreenLink to nature as a cutting-edge solution, reinforcing Oregon State University's leading role in WEC technology and power conversion infrastructure and advancing alternative energy as a key resource.

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