50T All-electric eLARS system for offshore support vessel

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Client objective: An innovative launch and recovery solution supporting the wish for a sustainable energy transition in a modern installation fleet. 


  • Non-hydraulic driven system
  • Innovative, advanced technology
  • Operational reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Support client commitment to green profile
  • Meet the large-scale launch and recovery requirements for a visionary trencher

Scope of Supply

The customised supplied eLARS™ system includes

  • eA-Frame
  • Docking Head
  • Winch

The leg height of the eA-Frame is 14 metres, with an 11-metre distance between them.

The 500 kN A-frame has a safe working load of 50 tonnes and advanced PLC technology, allowing complete remote system control.


  • Lower maintenance costs via reduced spare parts requirements
  • No need for regular hose changes and filter replacements
  • No pressurised oil over water enhances both safety and environmental sustainability
  • Compact design optimises deck space utilisation
  • Efficient installation and operation
  • Intelligent self-assessment capability for preventive maintenance
  • High level of redundancy, ensuring continuous functionality
  • Next-level integrated and remote control system

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