MacArtney Canada Ltd

MacArtney Canada Ltd
27 Parker Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 4T5
Phone: +1 902 434 1798

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MacArtney Canada Ltd
MacArtney Canada Ltd was established on 1st June 2016 and operates under the auspices of MacArtney Inc. MacArtney Inc. is part of the international MacArtney Underwater Technology Group.

In our modern administration and technical facilities conveniently located in Houston, MacArtney Inc. houses an experienced sales staff as well as a trained technical and administrative staff.

Apart from our broad range of underwater technology products for the offshore market, we specialise in repair and service of slip rings, sonars, TV systems and fibre optics.

MacArtney Inc. provides a 24 hour service - including support and supply of all our products.

We also carry an extensive stock of standard SubConn® connectors for immediate delivery.

Product & Services portfolio

  • Cable moulding & encapsulation workshop
  • Electrical & optical connectors
  • Cables & terminations
  • Electrical & optical slip rings
  • Cameras & lights
  • Sonar systems & acoustics
  • Multiplexer & control systems
  • Engineering & services
  • ROV & ROTV systems

Product development & system integration
The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group has carried out extensive product development projects resulting in new industry standard products for the offshore industry.

This development encompasses the non-metallic and micro series of SubConn® connectors to the NEXUS fibre optic telemetry system.

Not least, development includes the successful FOCUS towed steerable instrumentation platform for the survey industry and most recently the TRIAXUS, also a towed instrumentation platform designed for high speed oceanographic work. All developments are carried out in close collaboration with the customer.

Our engineering department is also capable of supplying tailor made systems and system integration according to customer specifications within all areas of mechanical, electrical and optical design for the underwater industry.

System integration tasks range from subsea cable systems to the complex ROTV systems as well as complete instrumentation package delivery and installation on research vessels.


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