MacArtney to launch the new NEXUS 8 multiplexer at Ocean Business 2021

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Underwater technology specialists MacArtney are to launch the latest addition to the NEXUS multiplexer family at the biannual Ocean Business 2021 exhibition, held between 12-14 October in Southampton, UK.

Continuing MacArtney's long tradition of developing products in consultation with the marketplace, the NEXUS 8 is the result of considerable customer and end-user input to ensure the product will fit the need, as explained by Lars Jørgensen, Head of Product Management:

"Naturally, we have our own opinion on what a multiplexer should be able to do, but what's more important is what the customer and end-user expects and needs. We specifically wanted customer input on what they wanted from a new generation multiplexer and their requirements for new, advanced subsea telemetry systems when developing the NEXUS 8."

Tried and trusted
NEXUS 8 is the latest addition to the tried and trusted NEXUS multiplexer family, a range that has consistently gone from strength to strength, designed to provide an efficient link between surface and seabed. This new, future-proofed model is smaller and lighter than not only its predecessor but also its competitors, specifically designed for environments where space is at a premium and to fit into virtually any existing subsea system.

NEXUS 8 is an HD video and multibeam sonar multiplexer, with ultra-high bandwidth and three full HD video interfaces for up to 3 HD cameras, able to provide real-time monitoring without any latency, and to run instruments and sensors for measurement, surveys, sonar, manipulation and control.

eFuses incorporated
The NEXUS 8 features intelligent programmable eFuses for dynamic performance and to save space. eFuses are ideal for subsea systems, offering flexible, dynamic programming and avoiding time-consuming and expensive recovery operations for minor repairs.

The future, now
The new NEXUS 8 is specifically designed and developed to meet the market's demands for technology and data acquisition now and in the future. Simply the most advanced, compact and versatile product of its generation.

Launch at Ocean Business 2021
Visit the MacArtney stand B1 at Ocean Business 2021 to see the new, highly versatile, compact, future-proof NEXUS 8 and to hear more about what it can do for you.


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