Statement of consent

Statement of consent
Before your participation, we ask you to consent to the conditions stated below (hereunder but not limited to a personal interview, an interview by phone, a focus group or participation in a mobile or web forum) run by MacArtney.

Your responses are solely used for the specific purpose described in the email you received from us. MacArtney treats the data collected about you with confidentiality and will not use them for marketing or publishing.

Data processing
With your consent, you agree that we process your name and responses, including any sound- or video recordings, and that MacArtney – in connection with this – may:

  • Record and transcribe your responses
  • Use your responses – including sound, pictures, written responses and video recordings – to prepare analysis and reports in a confidential form. Your name will never appear unless an individual agreement exists.

Data use
Your information is solely used internally at MacArtney. MacArtney does not disclose information about you for other purposes unless an individual agreement is entered.

Data storage
Participation in the survey is voluntary. You are always free to withdraw your consent if you regret participating in a survey, and we will delete your information if it is not already fully anonymous.  

MacArtney deletes or anonymizes personal information when they are no longer relevant for the purpose for which they were collected.

Data obtained in connection with a survey is stored for the period necessary to complete the study and up to 6 months after the survey has been conducted.

In addition, we may store data longer for statistical purposes and operational reasons or specific legal obligations.

Your rights
You are entitled to delete, limit or correct information about yourself. You can contact us at +457613200 if you need guidance on using your rights or if you have any questions about MacArtney’s processing of personal data.