Quality Policy

Quality vision

A key objective to MacArtney top management is to introduce and sustain a high level of quality in all relevant processes and to ensure that the products and services always meet the agreed specifications, relevant standards and legal requirements. Furthermore, MacArtney top management is committed to effectively plan, execute and control relevant processes that aid to ensure project success and the satisfaction of all relevant interested parties. The notion of 'One MacArtney' describes a key component of our strategic vision. In recognition of the fact that MacArtney is a global organisation, all MacArtney employees share a universal dedication to providing state-of-the-art products, systems, solutions and services to customers and operators and to provide local service backed by global support and expertise.

MacArtney is committed to developing, operating and maintaining a globally relevant quality management system that embraces a high level of local adaptability - especially concerning legislation, cultural distinctions, and locally embedded areas of business focus and proficiencies.

The quality management system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008, and where practicable, it is implemented across the group. MacArtney is committed to delivering quality through the design, production, integration, delivery, commissioning and after-sale phase of any project.

This means MacArtney will always endeavour to supply the best-suited solution for any customer application. To comply with this commitment, MacArtney is defined and operated as a 'system supplier' with a solution portfolio spanning multiple ranges of in-house developed and manufactured products. In addition, MacArtney solutions are often co-developed and customised in close collaboration with the customer.

All MacArtney products, systems and solutions are developed to take on a market-leading position on key parameters and to set new industry standards. To realise these commitments, MacArtney is keen to penetrate and understand the organisation and challenges of our clients. In this way, we are able to craft unique solutions in response to unique challenges.


Quality policy

It is the responsibility of MacArtney's top management to ensure that the MacArtney quality policy is communicated to - and understood by - all employees within the organisation. MacArtney quality objectives for all relevant functions and levels aid to ensure that we fulfil product requirements, continually improve and display our commitment to quality standards.

Quality targets are attained through a combination of MacArtney's certified quality management system, a range of operating systems, employee competence, technical know-how and experience.
MacArtney management continuously evaluates the quality management system to ensure it is up-to-date and performs effectively. This assessment includes suggesting amendments and improvements to the quality management system, quality policy and objectives.


Communication and employees

Our employees are our most important resource and asset.

MacArtney always strives to attract and sustain the most qualified people to empower our operations. We are fully committed to continuously training and motivating existing employees by proactively developing skills, assignments, responsibilities and qualifications.

MacArtney strives to be a rewarding place to work - professionally and socially. Inter-employee relations should be based on mutual respect, reciprocal empowerment, a positive attitude and common empathy. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that working for MacArtney is considered more than 'just a job'. This way, MacArtney aims to provide the optimum combination of business and pleasure and be a source of professional and inter-collegial inspiration - as well as fun and enjoyment.

The ongoing cultivation of straightforward, open and honest internal communication between all levels and departments within the MacArtney organisation and functions is of key importance to achieving efficient quality processes. Management and employees are committed to maintaining a high level and quality of internal communication in all work-related contexts. Due to the global nature of the MacArtney organisation, internal communication processes must embrace cross-cultural understanding and positively address prospective language barriers.


Customer relations

MacArtney is focused on ensuring that customer needs and expectations are identified and realised to achieve full customer satisfaction and build mutually beneficial and sustainable relations.

The customers are at the centre of everything we do. Therefore, MacArtney continuously strives to understand, address and adapt to complex customer challenges and contexts. We use this knowledge to design and develop our products, systems, solutions and services to offer optimal value to the end user.

Within this context, MacArtney's performance success is defined as 'zero failure'. A high-performance standard is achieved and maintained through a commitment to correctly and promptly executing jobs and tasks the first time. The notion of 'zero failure' is defined and applied as the yardstick and stated objective for satisfactory performance.

Tangible customer satisfaction initiatives include communication guidelines and customer satisfaction surveys. These are used to collect feedback on whether the supplied product, system or solution managed to adhere to design criteria and generally fulfil its purpose and live up to expectations. MacArtney is determined to support quality and customer satisfaction by conducting profound trials, tests and monitoring of products prior to delivery.