Winch courses increase safety and can extend working life

winch service training

Increasing focus on safety and training from major customers has prompted MacArtney to design and introduce a range of winch operation and maintenance courses. The courses are designed for operators and supervisors, and not only do they increase understanding and safety in working with winches, they also have the added bonus of helping to extend the working life of winches.



Training ensures safe, responsible winch operation

Winches used offshore and on vessels are often large, heavy pieces of machinery, and like all other large moving machines need to be operated properly and safely. As winches become more advanced and have more complex functions, knowing how to use them correctly becomes increasingly important.

In response to increased customer focus on safety and correct use, MacArtney has introduced a range of winch training courses.

They are designed to ensure that supervisors and operators have a complete understanding of how the winch functions and how to operate it safely and responsibly.

Two types of courses have been developed; a supervisor course that lasts 3 days and a one-day operator course. Both courses combine theory and practical elements, and this “hands-on” approach can include the customer’s own winch system on their site, or can be conducted at the production site.

MacArtney winch courses have been well received by participants, as they explained:“The technical training we received was good enough to leave the course and competently be able to operate and maintain and repair the winch system”

Proper instruction can also extend the working life of equipment

Although safety is clearly the prime focus of the courses, training has a more practical added bonus as proper use and maintenance can dramatically extend the working life of equipment.

MacArtney’s courses give operators and supervisors a thorough understanding of how to use and maintain the machinery correctly. “Even those with previous experience using winches learnt new things, and meant that they saved time looking through manuals,” responded one of the course participants.

“Courses are an excellent way of giving those who work with winches good working knowledge of how the system is built up and how it should be operated and maintained“, explained Erling Christensen, who is responsible for winch training at MacArtney A/S, “during the course we explain and demonstrate what to do if something unexpected happens and where to go if external help is needed.”

MacArtney has run eight winch courses since the scheme started in the summer of 2008 and has many more planned for 2009.


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