US Survey Equipment Services (SES) takes delivery of a dotOcean GraviProbe supplied by MacArtney


Innovative geotechnical profiling system analyses the underwater sediment layers during intrusion. Recent business partnership agreement between dotOcean and MacArtney covering the North American continent consolidates MacArtney’s strong position in key markets and provides customer access to the extensive range of dotOcean sediment and soil measurement products

The GraviProbe in question has been sold by MacArtney US to SES, supplier of marine survey and navigation equipment for hire, sale & lease purchase. Owing to the reinforced partnership relations between dotOcean and the MacArtney Group, MacArtney US succeeded in assisting and enabling SES to strengthen their market potential.

Being a free fall impact instrument analysing the underwater sediment layers during intrusion, the GraviProbe is capable of intruding fluid and consolidated sediment layers under its own weight. In addition, the GraviProbe instrument is able to very accurately distinguish the thickness of the fluid mud and consolidated sediment and soil layers, even in gassy and harsh environments.

According to Mr. Alan Craig, SES Vice President, Operations & Sales, SES continually invests in the most up-to-date equipment, hardware and software, offering their customers access to the latest technology from the world’s leading manufacturers: The dotOcean GraviProbe is one of those products. Partnering with a global company like MacArtney on the dotOcean product line allows us to further expand our presence in markets such as renewable energy, dredging and civil engineering.

Being a privately owned corporation with group headquarters in Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark, MacArtney Underwater Technology has supplied products and engineering solutions for almost four decades. In addition to the recent business partnership agreement for the North American continent the MacArtney Group has also entered into partnerships with Belgian dotOcean in relation to both the Danish, Norwegian and Finnish markets and anticipate doing business with and providing excellent system solutions to existing and new customers in the North American and Scandinavian market segments.


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