SubConn Double Production Facility

SubConn cable connector workshop macartney group

Seeking to fulfil market needs, the MacArtney Group and SubConn Inc. have worked together to find a production solution for the SubConn® connector range.

MacArtney’s sale successes have long put pressure on the production of SubConn® connectors, but now long-term plans for growth are in motion. SubConn has invested in a 2,300 m2 new location that combined with its existing 2,500 m2 is set to double their existing production facilities. With new premises and investments in production equipment and staff recruitment, SubConn now has the infrastructure to meet current demand and supply future growth.

The first connectors are expected to come out of the new facility by October 1st 2019.

SubConn® connectors are easily recognisable by their red locking sleeves and with a track record of 40 years in the service of maritime equipment operators worldwide, SubConn® underwater mateable and harsh environment connectors are regarded as an industry standard connectivity solution.

The SubConn® connectors have always relied on a cost-effective, simple and rugged contact design and currently hundreds of thousands of connectors are deployed throughout the world to interface and interconnect with a countless range of marine and underwater applications within the offshore oil and gas, ocean science, renewable energy, defence and fishery sectors.

To meet the needs of our customers the full range of SubConn® rubber moulded connectors, as well as custom made specials, has seen ongoing development over its lifespan. Due to this SubConn® applications span from shallow water use to prolonged deployment under harsh conditions, at some of the deepest locations on earth.

MacArtney and SubConn share a long history after a handshake, some 40 years ago, to market and sell SubConn® underwater mateable electrical connectors on the global market.

Four decades later, MacArtney is a major shareholder and supports the entire SubConn® range of products, supplied to numerous customers and users throughout the world. MacArtney intends to hold large quantities of connectors in stock, and with multiple operations at strategic locations in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific, together with exclusive agreements with distributors, MacArtney can supply SubConn® connectors all over the world.


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