SubConn® connectors for defence contractor

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MacArtney has received and delivered multiple orders for SubConn® Micro connectors placed via our Finnish sales represent-ative, ARWELL-Tekniikka Oy, by Finnish defence contractor DA-Design Oy. The SubConns are standard micro connectors that are subjected to adaptation in MacArtney’s workshop in order to tailor them for use together with the underwater defence products designed and engineered by DA-Design Oy.

The adaptation includes various steps such as a) installation of several other connectors on the SubConn leads in order to quickly connect each lead for a specific purpose, b) installation of high frequency noise suppressors to prevent electrical signal interfer-ence, c) individual labelling, testing, documentation and packing of each completed assembly to enable tracking and facilitate receiver QC.

All steps are made so that the final assembly with installed connectors and noise suppressers has an OD smaller than the connector thread. The entire assembly will thus fit through a standard SubConn micro mounting hole.

The assemblies have been delivered in multiple batches over an age-long period of time, often with delivery times of a few weeks or less. The fact that DA-Design Oy can design their system based on off-the-shelf SubConn® connectors and have the adaptions made in MacArtney’s workshop ensures the shortest possible delivery time and best quality for this type of customised connector assemblies.

We consider ourselves a troubleshooter and professional co-player when it comes to assisting our business partners with technical solutions prompting the best possible project result in terms of technology and performance, states MacArtney’s Hans-Jørgen Hansen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


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