Small connector, large potential

OptoLink connector fibre optic

Introducing the OptoLink Single Fibre Connector

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group is pleased to introduce the OptoLink Single Fibre Connector - a small sized, however, highly significant addition to MacArtney's successful OptoLink fibre optic connector range.

Designed for subsea equipment manufacturers, the low insertion loss and back reflection make this connector perfect for high speed data and video transmission. The rugged stainless steel design warrants the robustness and reliability of the connector, whether mounted on the deck of a vessel under harsh sea conditions, on an offshore platform, or at full ocean depth.

At full ocean depth - size matters

In observance with the industry tendency of incessant reductions in equipment size, the new addition to the OptoLink range has been specially developed to offer reliable and efficient fibre optic connectivity in a minimal sized connector. Especially in proportion to the fact that (as a standard) the OptoLink Single Fibre Connector features a full ocean depth rating of 6000 metres - the connector is very compact indeed.

Moreover, The OptoLink Singe Fibre Connector is engineered for minimal weight. In practice, this entails that the connector applies a minimum amount of strain on for instance small and medium sized ROV's, thus allowing them to carry more equipment.

The single fibre (single pass) OptoLink connector is available in a bulkhead (BCR) and cable mount (CCP) configuration with minimal attenuation between the mated connector pairs. Furthermore, it is available in both single and multi mode. The connectors have SS316 stainless steel housing as standard, however, other shell materials are available upon request.


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