Russian institute chooses MacArtney connectivity solutions for harsh environment applications

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The leading Russian State Scientific Centre Yuzhmorgeologiya (YMG), has recently placed a significant order for SubConn®(especially Hard Anodized Aluminium and Micro Series types) and BurtonTM connectors, to interface its extensive range of underwater equipment.

Based in Gelendzhik, on the coast of the Black Sea, YMG holds 55 years of experience in various federal and international programmes and is active in the offshore geophysical industry, hereunder in exploration, prospection and development of resources on the continental shelf and in oceanographic surveying of domestic and international oceans.


The PT 2500 ROV - an example of YMG systems interfaced by MacArtney connectors


YMG takes pride in its specialist ability to perform comprehensive deep-water surveys, which are carried out using in-house developed surveying systems, including a broad and flexible range of ROVs, acoustic instruments, seismic equipment and sophisticated towed instrumentation systems operable at depths of up to 6000 metres. These systems are deployed from YMG's own fleet of research vessels. In total, YMG operates four specialised marine vessels and 110 items of research equipment. Several of these are interfaced by MacArtney connectivity solutions, especially ROVs, towed underwater survey and sensor systems.According to YMG Deputy General Director for R&D and Science, Andrey Tarasenko, 'the achievement of safe and reliable connection and sealing of underwater instruments is a key to the success of any survey operation'. 'At deep water, high pressure and extreme temperature variations are serious issues and therefore, the majority of YMG systems use MacArtney connectivity products, as they warrant excellent performance and reliability under these harsh conditions'.

Moreover, according to Mr. Tarasenko, the choice of SubConn® connectors is a good way to safeguard the quality of current surveys and future operations alike. He states: 'We use the connectors for more than 5 years and they always prove themselves as reliable and innovative products'. 'The quality of materials they are made of is excellent as well'.

At the moment, YMG is implementing a programme on the prospecting of cobalt-rich crusts and sulphides in a very challenging and harsh Pacific environment (about 4 kilometres water depth). For this task, YMG is developing a number of specialised ROVs and towed systems on which MacArtney connectivity products will be widely used.

Service as part of the solution
Besides the quality and usability of the actual connectors, the specialist service advice delivered by MacArtney also plays a key role in YMG's choice of supplier. According to Mr. Tarasenko, 'MacArtney engineers and commercial specialists are professionally attentive to YMG challenges and technically complicated requests - while always ready to offer immaculate solutions for them'.


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