Noordhoek Survey announce delivery of MacArtney Focus - 2 ROTV system

rotv FOCUS side scan sonar sub bottom profiler instrumentation system integration oil and gas

Noordhoek is proud to announce that the company has taken delivery of a MacArtney Focus-2 ROTV system with two Focus-2 ROTV vehicles, after the successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). The ROTV(s) will enable Noordhoek Offshore BV to provide a broader range of services to the market. In order to optimise vessel utilisation and provide continuity to our Clients, the system will be delivered with full interfacing options to meet the majority of geophysical survey requirements.

The vehicles can be considered as the standard solution in the market. The configuration has been designed to be deployed both from one of the Noordhoek operated fleet of vessels or from any other suitable survey vessel. The features of the vehicle include:

  • Interface for Multibeam Sonar
  • Interface for Side Scan Sonar
  • Edgetech 4200 Side Scan Sonar system
  • Interface for Subbottom Profiler
  • Interfaces to additional sub sea sensors, including: Ring Laser Gyro, Responder, Motion Reference Unit,Sound Velocity Probe etc.
  • Interface for camera's
  • Dedicated Launch & Recovery system Oceanographic Winch with Load Latch
  • 2000 meter double armoured fibre optic tow cableFull Multiplexing facility
  • Multiple channel communication to surface

In addition to the standard layout of the vehicle, Noordhoek Survey can provide all the industry standard sensors as an option to meet the most demanding project requirement.

The first assignment for the vehicle is a pipeline inspection project in the UK Southern North Sea Sector. This will be followed by the Interconnector pipeline between Ireland and UK. Noordhoek will be proposing the ROTV system not only for inspection type assignments but also for pre-lay route surveys and in general as an efficient tool to acquire high quality and high resolution geophysical data.

Noordhoek is a worldwide operating sub sea contractor providing a wide range of services including Diving, ROV and Survey services and has been participating in the majority of projects since the beginning of the oil and gas industry within the Dutch continental shelf. The company owns and operates a dynamically positioned class 2 diving support vessel which has an excellent track record operating in the North Sea. Besides its offshore activities, Noordhoek is also active as an underwater contractor in the coastal, harbour and inland civil works.


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