NEXUS Multiplexers - Dual interface to SeaBat 7125 sonar system

mulitiplexer NEXUS multi beam ethernet

Since the introduction of the SeaBat 7125 multibeam sonars we have been asked by our NEXUS customers how they could interface this sonar system via the NEXUS multiplexer. This is now possible. Tests with the new Gb-Ethernet interface was successfully completed together with Reson in Denmark. The new NEXUS MK IV and MK V replaces the NEXUS MK I and NEXUS 907 systems.

In addition to the high bandwidth MB-sonar signals the new MK IV will also interface 9 serial data channels, 1 standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. There are 16 digital I/Os, 8 analog inputs and 2 outputs.

The NEXUS MK V will in addition interface 3 video channels and 3 extra serial channels.

If only the Gb-Ethernet interface for a dual SeaBat 71xx series sonar is required then the NEXUS MK III is also available with this option.


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