New SubConn® coax connector series

SubConn connector camera mulitiplexer

MacArtney is pleased to announce the introduction of SubConn® coax connectors - a brand new series within the industry leading SubConn® underwater connector range.

The new connectors will primarily be used for facilitating the transmission of High Definition (HD) video signal within underwater technology systems and for interfacing HD video based equipment such as cameras and telemetry systems.

SubConn coax connectors
The SubConn® coax connector series will embrace two primary connector models including a coax-only connector option and a combined coax and electric connector option with six electric pins for handling power and signal on interfaced equipment. With the latter option, users are enabled to fully control and power equipment using only a single connector, hereby allowing for design optimisation of underwater systems.

Both connector types are available with an impedance of 50 or 75 Ohms and can be delivered with dedicated SubConn® coax cable. The entire SubConn® coax connector and cable assembly is designed to sustain an unbroken passage of signal between interfaced units, hereby minimising signal attenuation caused by noise interference.

Trusted design, tested to last
The new coax connectors harness the same rugged quality and basic SubConn® design that has been trusted by marine industry operators for decades. Both new connector models feature a standard A-size footprint and are held in place by means of the characteristic SubConn® locking sleeves.

To ensure optimal performance and durability in harsh underwater environments, SubConn® coax connectors have been tested to endure 600 bar pressure corresponding to the hydrostatic conditions at 6000 metres water depth.

Cost effective HD for multiple underwater applications
Developed on the basis of industry demand, MacArtney is anticipating the new connectors to form part of multiple underwater technology applications. For instance, SubConn® coax connectors will be used to provide the HD video interface on telemetry systems and underwater HD cameras. The SubConn® coax connector series is also expected to handle the HD video demands of several other products and system types, not least owing to a significant advantage in terms of cost effectiveness when compared to similar connector solutions.

The new SubConn coax connector series


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