New NEXUS HD Multiplexer from MacArtney

mulitiplexer NEXUS

The MacArtney Group is pleased to introduce the NEXUS MK VI - a new and promising addition to the successful and long standing range of NEXUS multiplexers and telemetry solutions.

The MacArtney NEXUS MK VI is a HD video and multibeam sonar multiplexer that carries all signals over one single mode optical fibre via CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing). As a frequently selected option, the multiplexer comes with integrated (P)ECL and 10/100 Ethernet cards.

A sea of applications
The NEXUS MK VI multiplexer is designed and built to be a rugged, efficient and versatile HD solution for interfacing a wealth of different sensors, equipment and subsea systems.

Primary applications for the NEXUS MK VI include the interfacing of MB-sonar heads with appurtenant survey sensors (e.g. gyro, MRU, INS, SVS) and up to 3 HD-camera signals onROVs, ROTVs, trenching vehicles, towed sledges and other kinds of underwater instrumentation platforms.

On the NEXUS MK VI, power switching is software controlled and can be installed on any computer with at least one real or USB COM port. The protocol is open and can be integrated into customer software for monitoring convenience. In order to secure optimal system control, factors such as sensor power status, leak alarm and telemetry link are continuously monitored by the software.

As standard, the subsea pressure housing is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium. Flange mounted connectivity interfaces include SubConn® anodised aluminium connectors and a MacArtney OptoLink fibre optical connector. For depth ratings over 3000 metres of water, the subsea pressure housing is manufactured from titanium or high tensile Duplex steel. The topside multiplexer unit comes in a 19" rack mountable casing with LEDs for system status indication.

NEXUS MK VI for new advanced ROVs and subsea equipment
In spite of having only just been introduced to the market, the NEXUS MK VI is already attracting interest and attention from numerous players within different underwater technology related industries and several enquiries are currently inbound from MacArtney offices across the world. For instance, the NEXUS MK VI has recently been acquired by UK based MODUS Seabed Intervention, to provide the telemetry interface on a new state-of-the-art subsea construction support ROV system. Empowered by its three HD multiplexer channels, the NEXUS MK VI will allow the new ROV to carry HD cameras, providing optimal results during close-visual-inspection jobs and other ROV inspections tasks.

Another confirmed user of the NEXUS MK VI system is the leading international subsea rental company and equipment specialist, Ashtead Technology, who will make the NEXUS MK VI available to rental clients worldwide.

MacArtney NEXUS
For more than 15 years, MacArtney has built up a long and versatile track record, supplying NEXUS multiplexers and complete NEXUS based telemetry solutions to OEMs, system providers and operators on a global scale. Besides the NEXUS MK VI, the MacArtney NEXUS range includes off-the-shelf NEXUS MK III, MK V and MK IV fibre optical multiplexers, the NEXUS MK E electrical (coax cable) multiplexer and made-to-order NEXUS MK C multiplexers.


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