New MacArtney Compact Low Light Camera

LUXUS camera diving dredging

In appreciation of the continuous development of ever more compact ROVs, underwater systems and equipment - along with an emerging demand for a low light, diver inspection options, MacArtney is pleased to introduce the new LUXUS Compact Low Light Camera.

Low light, low weight - high visibility
Like the original MacArtney Low Light Camera, the new and considerably lighter compact version is designed especially for use in harsh and turbid conditions, where light is limited or artificial. Within such demanding environments, the black and white sensor (0,005 LUX) offers impressive light sensitivity, image quality and viewing performance.

Compact versatility
Featuring the same dimensions asthe successful LUXUS Compact Camera, the new LUXUS Compact Low Light Camera is designed to function perfectly in combination with remaining LUXUS series including:

  • LUXUS Compact LED
  • LUXUS Compact Media Controller
  • LUXUS pistol grip
  • Diver helmet dove tail
  • Universal mounting brackets

This makes the new LUXUS Low Light Camera a highly versatile and flexible choice, ideal for use in diving applications and as mounted on small inspection ROVs, diver habitats and other underwater vehicles and systems.

Rugged specifications and design
The LUXUS Compact Low Light Camera is robustly designed and rigorously tested to perform unfailingly in the harshest underwater environments. As with all other cameras and lights within the MacArtney LUXUS range, the housing for the LUXUS Compact Low Light Camerais made from sandblasted titanium and features a depth rating of 4000 metres. Finally, the camera consumes just 2 W and can handle DC power units from 12 to 24 VDC.

According to Managing Director of MacArtney Benelux, Ron Voerman, professional operators who currently use the LUXUS Compact Camera will benefit greatly from adding the compact low light version to their toolkit. However, the new compact camera is also highly relevant for OEMs and ROV operators who are looking to exploit the advantages of design optimisation and system weight reduction.


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