New MacArtney camera protection solution for underwater welding

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In response to sustained demand from the professional diving industry, MacArtney has developed an innovative but simple and rugged protection solution for its LUXUS series of compact underwater cameras and lights. The new LUXUS Protection Cap will primarily be used to shield the lens of diver camera and light systems during underwater welding, blasting and cutting operations but can also be used for equipment protection on other mission types.

Responding to an industry need
MacArtney LUXUS units are frequently deployed by commercial diving contractors and operators of remotely controlled systems working with the installation, service, repair and decommissioning of metal structures in harsh subsea environments. While operators need to maintain full visual command of the worksite, divers and equipment are unavoidably required to remain in close proximity to the sparks and liquid metal spatter which is often discharged during underwater welding and cutting. Among other hazards, this means that camera and light systems remain exposed to the negative effects of this incontrollable material, which can easily cause irreversible burn damage to unit lenses.


The new LUXUS Protection Cap is manufactured from transparent polyurethane at MacArtney Benelux


"We are often contacted by LUXUS users who deploy our equipment on these types of missions and unfortunately, lens damage during underwater welding and cutting seems to be commonplace issue across the industry" says MacArtney Benelux Managing Director, Ron Voerman. "Therefore, and in accordance with the requirements of our clients, we have developed a simple,user friendly and extremely cost efficient solution which promises to put and end to the problem", Ron Voerman continues.



Commercial divers performing underwater welding or cutting are exposed to burn damage inflicted by sparks and metal spatter


The LUXUS protection cap
Manufactured in house from transparent polyurethane with a simple metal strap to provide sealing, the LUXUS Protection Cap is mountable on any type LUXUS compact camera or light model. In case the protection cap sustains damage from sparks or spatter, it is simply disposed of and replaced for the next mission. The LUXUS Protection cap has no significant impact on the performance of the camera or light unit on which it is installed.

Like all other MacArtney LUXUS products, the protection cap has been extensively tested to secure performance and efficiency in harsh underwater environments.


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