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MacArtney Inc. mobile workshop

Marking the latest addition to its portfolio of service and support initiatives, MacArtney Inc. has recently acquired and outfitted a state-of-the-art Mobile Workshop.
Operating out of Houston, this flexible and versatile service platform enables MacArtney Inc. to bring underwater technology service, support and technical capabilities to customer locations and facilities in any corner of the Gulf of Mexico area. Here, the Mobile Workshop enables MacArtney's certified technicians to perform a vast array of installation, repair and maintenance tasks, including cable termination work, slip ring repair, electrical and fibre optical tests - all conveniently managed within a fully controlled environment.

Supporting Hydril BOP systems

At the time of writing, MacArtney technicians working out of the Mobile Workshop are performing a variety of tasks for Hydril (GE Oil & Gas), including termination work on MacArtney Field Installable Termination Assemblies (FITA) for use on Hydril BOP shut down systems.

Specifically, the job includes lifting, cleaning, prepping, soldering, crimping, potting,fibre break out and testing - all tasks which are easily performed through the MacArtney Mobile Workshop.

Local wheels on global support

This actual mobilisation of service capabilities, is part of MacArtney's efforts, to put action behind its commitment to providing local access to global support.

According to MacArtney Inc. President Lars F. Hansen, "MacArtney is experiencing an ever increasing need to be close to customers, and with the new mobile workshop, we are able to minimise downtime of equipment and offer fast and flexible support and a mobile controlled workshop environment with specialist tools to underwater technology operators - when and where they need it."


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