MacArtney upgrades MMT FOCUS-2 systems

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MacArtney has performed a major upgrade of two FOCUS-2 ROTV systems belonging to Swedish marine survey contractor and specialist, MMT.

Both vehicles have been fitted with new state-of-the-art equipment to carry out geophysical survey missions for clients within oil, gas and renewable energy industries.

Upgrades boost performance and cost efficiency
Complementing the side scan sonar and sub bottom profiler already onboard, the MMT FOCUS-2 systems have been fully equipped with a multi beam echo sounder, an inertial navigation system and a doppler velocity log. These upgrades entail that a complete subsea geophysical survey can be carried out at a speed of 6 knots and down to a water depth of 400 meters, with the onboard MacArtney control systems and software working to ensure vehicle stability and optimal data gathering conditions.

Technical Director of MMT, Martin Wikmar, comments on the acquisition of the upgraded systems: “The fully equipped FOCUS-2 systems will provide our clients with examplequality, high resolution data collected at a higher survey speed than offered by, for , a fully equipped ROV operating at the same water depth. This makes the FOCUS-2 system a very cost efficient solution for cable route surveys, offshore wind farms surveys and pipeline inspection”.

In the hands of MMT, the upgraded FOCUS-2 vehicles will be put to good use on demanding geophysical survey missions (courtesy of MMT)


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