MacArtney to host 52nd Marine Measurement Forum

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The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group is delighted to have been selected to host the 52nd Marine Measurement Forum.

The event will take place on the 1st of May 2013 at the MacArtney Group's UK facilities in Aberdeen.

MacArtney looks forward to welcoming speakers and attendees alike to a day devoted to the informal sharing of new knowledge and ideas within the realm of marine scientific measurement.

The course of the day will embrace several interesting features and sessions, hereunder a number of presentations on the latest developments within the diverse field of marine measurement technology. Within this context, MacArtney encourages all prospective speakers to apply.

The Marine Measurement Forum (MMF)

The Marine Measurement Forum is a non-profit making, one-day event that provides opportunities for the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge, techniques and developments across an extensive range of marine scientific measurement activities. Attendees typically include scientists, surveyors, engineering, and business professionals from a variety of organisations including research centres, academia, manufacturers, survey companies, consultants, offshore subsea operators, monitoring authorities, dredging companies, port authorities, oil companies etc.

MacArtney UK Ltd.

Since 1999, Aberdeen has been home to the UK operations of the international MacArtney Underwater Technology Group.

From its purpose built facilities located in close vicinity to Aberdeen Airport, MacArtney UK Ltd. employs 47 employees in various roles - all dedicated to design and deliver complex system solutions for applications and projects in all marine market sectors. Projects combine years of expertise in winches, connectors, cables, slip rings, terminations. fibre optics, instrumentation and system design. Moreover, MacArtney UK Ltd. offers a wide range of design, workshop, engineering and project management resources backed by the global MacArtney network.


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