MacArtney supply to help predict impact of Fehmarnbelt Link

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Before building the new transport link from Denmark to Germany over the Fehmarnbelt, detailed studies of the current environment need to be performed. MacArtney A/S has been chosen to advise and supply instruments and infrastructure components (underwater cables, connectors, teminations, etc.) to monitor life and flow in the strait. This information will help planners choose which kind of link to build and document any environmental changes it brings.

Helping to monitor the before, during and after
Building any construction in a marine environment affects water current and marine wildlife, and decisions about which type of link to build cannot be made until accurate projected effects of the marine construction are monitored. MacArtney supplied instruments will provide information invaluable for the investigation of the before, during and after effects of the construction process and the final link.

Choosing the right partner at the design stage
Getting the right advice and choosing the right partner at the start are essential for the success of long term projects. The computer models that will predict the effect of a construction in the strait are reliant on the data collected at this initial stage.

MacArtney A/S has helped to design and supply the monitoring stations to be placed in the strait and at the points where a bridge or tunnel is likely to be built. Their experts assisted on selecting and designing the best ways to measure environmental conditions (including current, temperature, salinity and oxygen) on the array of underwater stations in the strait, and were there from the planning stage. MacArtney has more than 3 decades of experience in underwater technology, and has worked on several similar projects, including the Oresund Bridge. Their in-depth knowledge of the underwater environment and oceanographic measuring systems and sensors made them the perfect choice for this project.

“We are delighted to be working on this exciting project,” explains MacArtney CEO Niels Erik Hedeager, “our systems and infrastructure will assist in the gathering of detailed quantitative data for modelling and predicting the effects of a bridge or tunnel link in the strait. The bridge consortium will be able to base their decision on what type of link to build on more precise information than ever before possible.”

MacArtney supply for the first stage
The complete system for the Fehrmarnbelt consists of 10 stations situated along the Danish and German coast lines of the strait and 3 in likely bridge or tunnel positions. They will measure environmental conditions and send real time information to monitoring stations.

MacArtney supply includes:

  • CTDs (30+) for moorings
  • Kevlar infrastructure cables
  • Connectors
  • Winch and CTD with water sampler


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