MacArtney supplies SubConn® connectors for deep ocean research

SubConn connector ocean science

Huge order for high-end underwater connectors placed with MBT, MacArtney Germany, for delivery this year. The scope of supply matches a similar order placed last year by the same customer.

The order for SubConn® connectors and straps has just been placed by Nautilus Marine Service GmbH, Germany. Nautilus Marine Service is a long-standing MacArtney business relation who represents the interests of some of the world's leading manufacturers of marine technologies and supplies marine safety and rescue gear to research, survey and monitoring markets in Germany.

Scope of supply
The SubConn® connectors are to be used for deep sea floatation and instrument housings for deep ocean research. They represent the second placement of order made by Nautilus Marine Service with MacArtney within a short period of time. The scope of supply comprises 2,000 LPBH5M and 2,000 LPIL5F SubConn® connectors as well as 2,000 LPA straps. It is a multi-annual order which means that the overall contract comprises a repeat order for the same quantity of connectors and straps for delivery in 2018, as well.

SubConn® products reflect the world’s leading range of truely industry standard, reliable and affordable connectors and cables supplied throughout the world to the demanding underwater industry. Having been designed, manufactured and tested for use in harsh marine environ-ments, the full range of SubConn® connectivity solutions meet customer needs from shallow water use to full ocean depth rating.

Our fruitful working relationship with Nautilus is paramount to our company, states Torsten Turla, Managing Director of MacArtney Germany, MBT. We are pleased to assist in ensuring the best counselling and support needed and to provide second-to-none customer service to achieve full customer satisfaction and build mutually beneficial and sustainable relations.

For additional information, please contact Torsten Turla, Managing Director of MacArtney’s German subsidiary.


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