MacArtney supplies custom-engineered winch system to South Asian defence contractor

winch defence fibre optic cable rov slip ring termination engineering SubConn mulitiplexer

Custom-built traction winch system from MacArtney becomes part of the naval equipment of the Pakistani navy and is to be applied for naval ROV operations.

A prominent defence contractor, who is an existing user of SubConn® connectivity products and EMO multiplexers from MacArtney’s product portfolio, has taken delivery of a customised winch solution equipped with a 3000 m fibre cable and termination. The traction-based winch has been purpose-built for use with a customer-built ROV designed for localising objects lost on the ocean floor.

Special engineering and design
The winch is made from stainless steel and features a modular and compact design, which allows for flexible system installation on board vessels with confined deck space. It comes with several intelligent features facilitating accurate and effective equipment handling as well as a fibre optic slip ring, fibre optic cable, and fibre optic termination. A soft-start function makes the winch easy to handle, improves equipment manoeuvrability, and protects the motor and gear.

This specialised winch also features traction control making the winch capable of handling the neutrally buoyant Kevlar reinforced fibre optic ROV communication cable.

Commenting on MacArtney competences, the Pakistani defence contractor, states: We recently visited MacArtney headquarters to get an impression of the company. We are very confident with what we saw. No doubt, we continue our business relations for future projects, too.


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