MacArtney steps up its presence in offshore Asia

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Driven by a major strategic expansion of its operations in Singapore, the MacArtney Group is significantly growing its presence and activities in all Asian markets for underwater technology.
Over the next few months, MacArtney Singapore is securing several new staff members, implementing a major expansion of stock and workshop facilities and opening a dedicated slip ring repair and service center. What is more, the MacArtney Singapore operations will be streamlined to provide direct local access to global MacArtney support for all Asian and Asia Pacific markets.

MacArtney in Asia
With experienced and long standing MacArtney sales professional, Steen Frejo, at the helm as Managing Director, the MacArtney Singapore area of operation has expanded to encompass the entire Asian and Asia Pacific region including major markets such China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and support for MacArtney’s Australia based office.

In addition, MacArtney Singapore will actively manage the coordination of the entire Asian representative network. Empowered by local market expertise and access to clients, these MacArtney representatives comprise an invaluable asset to the regional success of MacArtney products and systems.

With Group operations in Singapore (regional HQ), Australia and representatives in Japan (Marimex Japan and Nishiyama Corporation), China (SeaTech China), South Korea (GeoTech System Corp and Shinyang Technology) and Taiwan (Royalty Technology Instrument), MacArtney is geared for catering to the need for underwater technology solutions in the Asia Pacific region

With the expanded MacArtney Singapore operations, MacArtney is able work even closer with its regional representative network which will also benefit from direct access to the Singapore based stock of MacArtney and SubConn® products.


Demand for local supply with global support
To local offshore oil and gas, marine renewable energy, oceanographic and defence industries, the expansio

n of MacArtney Singapore will mean shorter lead times and better local service for underwater technology systems and products. Further adding to the list of the advantages, direct MacArtney technical support is enabled through the limitation of time zone differences - and with local language proficient sales and technical staff in place at the Singapore office, MacArtney clients and representatives alike will have access to Asian as well as English language support. "The expansion of MacArtney Singapore will definitely bring us much closer to our Asian customers than what has been possible so far", says Steen Frejo and continues: "What started as a one-man regional sales outpost, has now become a fully fledged MacArtney location with local access to global support".

A good start
Since the official opening one year ago, MacArtney has received a warm welcome by all Asia Pacific marine technology markets and segments. Spearheaded by a surging interest in integrated MacArtney system solutions, this development is present across the entire MacArtney portfolio. A good example is the Asia based demand for MacArtney winch and handling solutions which has recently seen a MERMAC S winch system delivered to a defence client in Taiwan, a powerful Active Heave Compensation MERMAC R winch ordered by a Chinese scientific institute and a complete MERMAC research vessel winch solution ordered by a Japanese oceanographic institute.


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