MacArtney set for record breaking growth in North America

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Following a major expansion which saw new MacArtney offices open in every coastal corner of the North America and added several new faces to the team, MacArtney is looking to experience record breaking growth within North American markets for underwater technology. This marks a key contribution to the overall strategic ambition of the MacArtney Group to double turnover between 2010 and 2015.

Expansions and complete solutions to drive future growth
This positive forecast is especially empowered by a booming oil and gas sector operating out of Houston, Texas - where the regional headquarters of MacArtney is housed. However, equally important to the development is the excellent reception which the new MacArtney operations have been granted within local markets where customers have quickly embraced MacArtney products and system solutions. 

Experienced sales managers Scott Walters (left) and Scott Allen (right) head MacArtney item and system sales efforts in the Gulf of Mexico area


"We are stepping up efforts to accommodate the increase in demand for complete solutions to take on complex challenges within various underwater technology related industries", says Lars Hansen, President of MacArtney in North America and continues: "While some of the underwater technology products and systems offered by MacArtney, like SubConn® connectors, have grown to reach a position as world-leading, others, such as MERMAC and CORMAC winch and handling systems, Mac API harsh environment connectors, MacArtney NEXUS multiplexers and LUXUS Cameras and Lights hold a vast potential".

Manning up for future challenges
As part of a broad response to this increase in complete solution demand, experienced industry professional, Scott Allen, has recently taken the helm as System Sales Manager with MacArtney in Houston. Adding further strength to the MacArtney team, MacArtney has secured the talent of Scott Walters to function as Item Sales Manager. Long-time MacArtney employee, Rafael da Costa Lima, will take on new tasks as Internal Sales/Project Manager, strengthening the ability of the Houston team to manage and deliver large projects and complex system solutions.

“We get 70-80% of our orders from the oil and gas sector, and to a comparable degree, we rely on the fact that Houston is fast becoming a global 'capitol of energy' - from where worldwide energy projects are planned and executed", says Lars Hansen and continues: “Our success is not restricted to depend on offshore activities in the Gulf of Mexico, however, when pursuing this strategy, one of the challenges that arise is related to hiring sufficiently qualified and experienced staff. With this in mind, we aim to demonstrate good ability to attract and retain the best talent for supporting future business”.

New markets - same core values
MacArtney made its entry into North America in 1996 and from 1998 with regional headquarters in Houston. Within the last year MacArtney has opened office in California, Massachusetts and British Columbia, however, according to Lars Hansen the expansion will not end here: “The future is likely to bring further MacArtney expansions and right now, a local presence in Florida and North American production facilities seem the most imminent options". “In sum, growth potential in all US sectors is very promising, and while we need to constantly and proactively focus on supplying what new customers need, the success of MacArtney will always be equally based on cultivating strong professional relations and fostering close cooperation with existing customers and partners" says Lars Hansen.


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