MacArtney's new Jumbo Display makes cable handling easier

Tags: winch engineering

Knowing how much and how fast cable is heaved in or paid out can be crucial for controlling underwater equipment, but standing next to the winch to view a display may not always be the optimal position for observing equipment entering and leaving the water. MacArtney's new cable status indicator with jumbo display allows the operator to view vital cable information from exactly where on board it suits him.

Finding the optimal position for launching a system by winch

A good cable status indicator is a valuable tool for showing the position of equipment on the way in or on the way out of water, when knowing cable speed and length of cable pay-out on a winch can be critical. However, it may be equally important for the operator to be in close proximity to where the equipment is lowered into or lifted out of the water.

Winches can be controlled via a remote control system by an operator located a distance away from the winch on the ship's deck, but traditional cable status indicators cannot be seen at a distance. The operator may be forced either to choose to stand closer to the water or to the winch, periodically check the display, or may even require two crew members.

The new cable status indicator by MacArtney allows the winch operator to stand exactly where he needs to on board. The extra large numbers on the jumbo display can be read at a distance, meaning that the operator can stand near to where the system is being launched, yet maintain complete visual control of how much cable is deployed, its speed and subsequently where the system is under water.

Configurable system can be adjusted to show a wide range of data

The system can also be fitted as slave to other systems, including existing cable status indicators or computers with winch control software. It can be set to display a wide range of data, including cable tension and time, and is ideal for showing cable data on any type of winch application.

Technical information

Display size : 380mm x 280mm x 130mm
Display: 2 line display with 80mm high efficient red LED 7 segment digits
Box: IP67 box with clear lid


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