MacArtney pay it forward to Future Ocean Science Innovators

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MacArtney Benelux is paying it forward to the ocean science community by sponsoring and supporting young minds to develop innovative underwater technology solutions.

Innovating underwater system solutions, MacArtney has been connecting the seabed and surface for the greater understanding of our ocean spaces since 1978, and in the spirit of paying it forward, MacArtney is inspiring new development and growth in the world of underwater technology by working with fresh young minds, new to the discipline of ocean science.

Previously MacArtney has sponsored the international MATE ROV competition and the WASUB human-powered submarine team from the Delft University of Technology.

This year MacArtney Benelux is advising a young, creative and multidisciplinary team, again from TU Delft, who are working together with industry experts to develop the LOBSTER Explorer - an underwater connectivity solution.

With the goal to take on the ocean’s extreme conditions and venture into uncharted territory in a bid to make a deep-sea inspection, prospecting and research more accessible with the LOBSTER Explorer, a small, fast, low cost autonomous deep-sea robot. Speaking about MacArtney Benelux, TU Delft Mechanical Engineering student, Stephan Rutten had these words to say,


"MacArtney has been a great partner and supported us throughout our project. MacArtney’s personal attention and flexibility have been invaluable to us while working on the challenges that the deep-sea poses."


MacArtney Benelux is providing test facilities and expertise along with access to MacArtney’s market-leading SubConn® connectors. Erwin van der Schee, Sales Manager, MacArtney Benelux BV explains,


"Encouraging the young, creative minds of today’s ocean science students is of vital importance. The future of our ocean spaces is dependent on improving our knowledge and understanding. At MacArtney, we endeavour to support and facilitate the young ocean science community so that new and exciting developments can be made."


Benefiting from decades of experience, the MacArtney Group have a worldwide presence and are committed to helping shape the future of the ocean science community.


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