MacArtney Inc. opens in North West to continue expansion

macartney group

The MacArtney Underwater Technology group recently grew by combining Boston-based SubConn® sales with existing Houston operations under the new name MacArtney Inc. and is now expanding its north American coverage further by opening in the Pacific North West. This initiative will bring MacArtney Inc. closer to the many SubConn® customers there and improve local service. The MacArtney Underwater Technology group is responsible for SubConn® sales in both North America and the rest of the World, and is continually seeking to provide better service, more capacity and faster delivery.

The move to expand in the North West also strengthens MacArtney's relationship with the active Renewable Energy industry in the area. An industry which MacArtney has been working with for several years and is also heavily engaged with in other parts of the World, including Europe.

To head up the new North West office, MacArtney Inc. is being joined by Don Bryan, who has extensive industry experience and comes from a position as Sales Manager at AXYS Technologies Inc. Mr. Bryan holds an MBA from Royal Roads University and has worked with international sales, engineering and business development for more than 20 years. The new North West office will become part of the north American MacArtney Inc. operations and leverages the extensive workshop and service facilities located in Houston, TX.


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