MacArtney fits out brand new multipurpose vessel

multi beam CORMAC winch side scan sonar ocean science data acquisition

Complete multibeam echo-sounder system and high-speed winch designed and engineered for optimal durability compose the scope supplied, installed, and set to work by MacArtney’s French subsidiary.

The newly built state-of-the-art rescue vessel Sirius, operated by VLOOT dab, is 45 m long, almost 11 m wide, and can reach a speed of 13 knots. Being intended for combating disasters at sea, Sirius was designed with maximum attention to sustainabiltity aspects. In consequence, superior-quality equipment was required in order for the vessel to fulfil the demands made on its functionality.

Scope of supply
The scope of supply for Sirius features a multibeam echo sounder system comprising the following products: a high-resolution multibeam echo sounder, Kongsberg EM 2040 Dual RX, which is a wide band HD shallow water multibeam echo sounder optimal for any high-resolution mapping and inspection application. The scope also includes an inertial sensor, Kongsberg Seapath 300, developed specifically for hydrographic and other high-precision applications. Seapath 300 combines inertial technology with GPS satellite signals. Sirius is also equipped with sound velocity sensors Valeport Midas SVX2 for profiling and Valeport miniSVS for surface measurement. Both sensors include digital time of flight sound velocity, and the SVX2 also acquires CTD profiling.

The scope also covers a QPS QINSy hydrographic data acquisition, navigation, and processing software package and MacArtney’s CORMAC Q2 winch intended to tow the side scan sonar.

Supported by their supppliers and the Socarenam shipyard, MacArtney France were in charge of and conducted all the testing procedures resulting in the equipment having been successfully accepted. The high quality of integration allows to reach a speed of 13 knots while keeping a high level of bathymetry quality.

Flexible and eco-friendly
Featuring superior acoustic quality and high accuracy, this multibeam echo sounder system enables easy and quick downloading and sharing of data relevant in relation to Sirius and her functionalities. In addition, the multifunctionality of the vessel complies with the strictest environmental standards and regulations.

MacArtney France employs a strong and experienced team of engineers, sales professionals and technicians supporting the entire range of MacArtney underwater technology systems and products. Their expertise ranges from subsea connectors and cables through hydrographic, sonar and telemetry systems to complete ROV launch and recovery systems, and oceanographic instrumentation packages.


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