MacArtney expands UK activities

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Optimism and belief in a positive trend in the market and future operations have triggered the opening of a new MacArtney office in southern England.

The MacArtney Group has expanded the existing UK operations in response to increased levels of business coming from customers based in the southern part of the UK. The decision was taken as a result of the ever-growing customer demand for local sales support and services and will allow MacArtney UK to provide an improved service covering their extensive range of underwater technology products, systems, and services throughout the UK.

The expansion of the UK operations further consolidates the MacArtney Group’s presence in the United Kingdom.

The new office located in south London will be run as an affiliate unit under the MacArtney UK umbrella. Headquartered in Aberdeen, MacArtney UK serves companies and operators working on the UK continental shelf and beyond providing advanced underwater technology solutions for applications to all UK and Ireland based customers working in offshore oil and gas, marine renewables, offshore wind, fisheries, ocean science, defence, and civil engineering markets. Housed in a modern 3000 m2 custom built facility close to Aberdeen Airport, MacArtney UK currently employs more than 40 people in a variety of sales, workshop, administration, HR, and QHSE roles.

Being close to our customers is important to us. And being able to provide effective, local service and support to our customers is key for this latest expansion, says David Buchan, Managing Director of MacArtney UK. Our customers throughout the south have reacted positively to the opening of this new office and are happy to see a local MacArtney presence established.

Gary Kelly, System Sales Manager, is the man in charge of sales and support at the MacArtney UK southern office.


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