MacArtney delivers ROV system for DBB

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MacArtney has delivered a powerful and versatile Sperre SUB-fighter 7500 ROV system for DBB ROV Services A/S, a major Danish ROV contractor for offshore drill support, inspection, survey and support jobs in connection with installation of offshore wind turbines.

The new ROV is bound to join DBB's modern fleet of underwater vehicles and is the fourth Sperre SUB-fighter system in operation for DBB ROV Services.

DBB ROV Services A/S
Along with DBB Salvage and DBB Jack-Up, DBB ROV Services A/S is part of the DBB Group.

Besides work performed on offshore drilling rigs, the Sub-fighter ROVs are also engaged in supporting the other two DBB companies - in particular on the offshore wind turbine market. Here, this type of ROVs has become one of the most used vehicles with a reputation and track record as an extremely robust and easy to maintain ROV, designed and built for the harsh North Sea environment.

The Sub-fighter ROV can also be delivered as a crawler with caterpillar tracks for tasks where most of the work takes place on the seabed - for instance with jetting systems and cable trackers.



With more than 40 systems manufactured and delivered by Sperre A/S, the SUB-fighter 7500 ROV system boasts an impressive track record of harsh environment offshore operation.


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