MacArtney boosts presence in Russia

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The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group is pleased to announce the entry of an agreement with JCS Tetis Pro, to function as MacArtney's official representative in Russia. Tetis Pro will administer the promotion and sales of MacArtney products on the Russian market.

MacArtney and Tetis Pro?
Through the provision of access to relevant and high-tech underwater technology segments, contacts, knowledge and strategic locations, the appointment of Tetis Pro as a MacArtney representative, marks a significant strengthening of MacArtney's presence in Russia. In turn, Tetis Pro will gain access to
MacArtney's well established products and global knowledge within the realm of
underwater technology - especially with regards to the steadily emergent Russian offshore industry.

Initially, Tetis Pro will to provide potential Russian oil & gas, ocean science, state agency and defence clients with direct access to well-known MacArtney products such as SubConn®and OptoLink connectors and LUXUS cameras. In support of this, Tetis Pro will permanently carry an extensive stock of SubConn®connectors for immediate delivery. However, empowered by the MacArtney Group, Tetis Pro is in fact fully capable of supplying afull range of MacArtney products, services and system solutions.

Within this context, in order to provide full ongoing support and keep up with development and potential challenges, MacArtney is committed to work in close contact with Tetis Pro and offer a high level of support - including prompt answers to enquiries, updated material and relevant training.

Having pursued intensive efforts to locate the strongest possible partner in Russia, MacArtney Business Development Manager, Anders Andersen, is confident that Tetis Pro will prove the perfect choice as MacArtney's representative in Russia.

"...the cooperation with Tetis represents a huge boost to MacArtney within a complex, however exciting and highly prospective Russian underwater technology market..." says Anders Andersen, and continues..."above all, Tetis possesses the invaluable local insight which is necessary to access, decode and harness the potential of this emerging market, and given the time and support needed, Tetis Pro will definitely derive a positive impact on the sale of MacArtney products in Russia...".

At Tetis Pro, Head of ROV department Dmitry Voytov is looking forward to a close and mutually beneficial working relationship with MacArtney."...both in terms of corporate profile and product portfolio, MacArtney and Tetis Pro are an excellent match..."...MacArtney is capable of supplying several products necessary for us, and in turn, within diving and underwater equipment, JSC Tetis Pro is the largest manufacturer and market leader in Russia. Together, I am sure that both MacArtney and Tetis products will reinforce their foothold within the Russian market for underwater technology..."..

Local presence takes pride of place
The appointment of Tetis Pro as MacArtney's official representative in Russia should be regarded as part of a consistent strategic effort by the MacArtney Group, aiming to strengthen its global network of subsidiaries, representatives and agents across the globe. Therefore, more agreements with external representatives in other countries are expected to follow in the near future.


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