MacArtney AHC winches combine maximum stability and minimum power

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Active heave compensation winches are highly advanced ROV winches that filter out the effect of vessel movement caused by waves. They allow ROVs and other vehicles to continue to operate safely in heavier seas and reduce weather-related down time. But getting the right system for a vessel requires precise calculations and engineering. Choosing the right partner is essential for ensuring the right end product, not only in terms of precision, but also for power efficiency and improved environment

Ensuring maximum stability

Active heave compensation winches filter out the effect of wave movement, allowing for more accurate data readings and fewer weather-related down times. Preventing the ROV undulating unintentionally in the water, due to sea swell and movement, requires precise control of cable length. Unwanted undulation or heavy sea movement can cause sudden slack or pull on the cable, stressing the cable and making the equipment at the end of the umbilical unstable. If the ROV is operating close to the seabed or to a stationary object in the water, unwanted or unexpected movement can be disastrous.

Getting the right AHC system requires expert engineering. Knowing how the vessel will move in various sea states requires precise measurements of the vessel and positioning of the winch system on board. MacArtney’s engineering specialists use a unique, precise calculation programme that accurately predicts the behaviour of the ship and ROV in all sea states. Using a wide range of actual data on the vessel, MacArtney can offer an AHC winch for any vessel type that can accurately position a vehicle in relation to surface, seabed or underwater installation even in heavy seas. MacArtney AHC winch systems are among the most advanced ROV winches on the market.

Requiring minimum power

With the increasing focus on efficiency and environmentally responsible machinery has increased customer focus on motor efficiency. Electric powered winches or hydraulic winches that use hydraulic pumps to control the AHC system inevitably experience an inherent loss of output between the motor and the pump. Electric powered winches are far more efficient.

MacArtney was one of the first manufacturers to produce electric powered winches that eliminate electric to hydraulic conversion loss. Their successful range of winches bypasses any need for hydraulics, ensuring optimal system function and efficiency.

Added benefits for man and nature

Eliminating the hydraulics on winches also has added environmental benefits. MacArtney electric active heave compensation winches are far less noisy than their hydraulic counterparts, making operating the machinery more comfortable for the manpower on board. They are easier to service and there is no risk of oil pollution due to hydraulic oil leakage.

Equipment safety is an important parameter

Should the worse happen with one of the motor drives, it is essential that the equipment being handled can be recovered safely from the water. MacArtney AHC winches have a series of safety features that ensure that equipment can be raised, for example the inbuilt parameter of working with 2 or 1 motors instead of the 3 motors used in the system.

Positive feedback

MacArtney has been delivering AHC winches for several years. After more than 30 winch deliveries, the feedback from customers has been extremely positive, both in terms of precision positioning but also for winch efficiency and safety.



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