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New MacArtney offices host industry knowledge sharing events

In March 2013, in the wake of the recent opening of new MacArtney Inc. offices on the Western US Seaboard - MacArtney Pacific Northwest and West Coast Operations will be opening the doors to a couple of ambitious 'Lunch and Learn' knowledge sharing and networking events.

At these events, MacArtney customers, along with other interested parties, are invited to share an exquisite lunch, while learning, sharing knowledge and networking with industry professionals within the realm of underwater technology.

As the main attraction of the events, MacArtney's experienced Technical Director, Steen Worsøe, will be flown in from the MacArtney Group headquarters in Denmark. Mr. Worsøe will give a presentation on 'Cathodic Delamination' - the invisible 'killer' of rubber moulded connectors, hereunder outlining how one can identify, understand and prevent this detrimental phenomenon.

Experience underwater technology from coast-to-coast

MacArtney Inc. has long pursued a proactive expansion strategy in the US. Since the taking over of nationwide SubConn® sales through the Northeast operations in Pembroke, Massachusetts, MacArtney Pacific Northwest Operations has opened up in Victoria, Canada - to strengthen MacArtney's relationship with underwater technology customers, especially OEMs and the renewable energy industry located within the area. Moreover, in San Diego, California, MacArtney West Coast Operations has been inaugurated to serve the subsea requirements of local OEM, offshore, ocean science and defence clients.

The new offices complete MacArtney's coast-to-coast coverage of the US underwater technology market and provide an increased sales base, with access to larger stock, capacity and even faster delivery for local MacArtney and SubConn®customers.

Close is more

According to MacArtney Inc. President, Lars Hansen, being close to the customer is the overarching incentive for placing MacArtney offices in every costal corner of the United States. Furthermore, Lars Hansen is very pleased with the new setup and is looking forward to welcoming interested parties to experience the potential of local access to global underwater technology at the 'Lunch and Learn' events.

The ‘Lunch and Learn’ events will take place in San Diego, March 19th and Seattle, March 21st.


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